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Selected at the beginning of the Web development courses in Lahore

web development courses in Lahore we I will tell you about my experience of taking courses on web development in schools: specialist , loft school , html academy , learn.javascript.ru . This post will be of interest to everyone who is interested in web development and is seriously thinking of making it their own work. Similar thoughts occupied me 2 years ago. Then I worked as an engineer. Now I work as a backend developer in a bank, maintaining a dilapidated site on and developing a new one on react, so the training was not in vain. Web development courses in Lahore so, I decided that courses with a clear training plan, assignments and verification by the teacher (mentor) are the shortest path to my goal, and it turned out. But the courses taken varied greatly and I took them especially in different schools. I started with the first issue of the "specialist” school. I was attracted by the possibility of full-time study in the Lahore branches of the school; it seemed this is a more fundamental approach with the possibility of personal communication with the teacher. I took two courses: html basics and js basics.. Knowledge is given the most superficial. And the topics are divided into many sub-courses. The js course consists of 3 parts, costing Now in 2020, the specialist has a course on query split into 2 parts and a course on Knock out.js. You can combine this into a legacy developer specialty. The division clearly has a marketing basis. It seems that the structure of the lessons and the material are not interesting for the teachers themselves. The knowledge gained is barely enough for a content manager, let alone a developer. For example, the layout is done on float; the method is not the most progressive at that time.

Then my choice was more deliberate, reading reviews on forums, articles, podcasts, YouTube. And the next school for me was loft school .This is where I base my experience as a developer. This is where I first tried a workflow with get, web pack, pull request. The next one I had, oddly enough, was a course on layout from html. The teaching staff should be noted separately. The course was taught by the founders of the academy,. I'll tell you right away that I expected to improve the layout. I thought that the course would be easy; I even began to doubt whether to take react right away. But the course turned out to be very busy. In my opinion, the mentoring system at the academy is the most successful. There is a whole base of mentors, for each there are no more than 3 students, I was lucky to be the only student with a mentor. The quality of job validation benefits dramatically from this approach. Several times my homework was unrolled for revision. Pixel perfect, accessibility, work flow through get, everything is grown up. The final assignment is checked in addition by an independent mentor. A mentor can be selected at the beginning of the course from a whole database, by rating, experience or by photo, it's anyone else. During the course, full access to the tasks of the academy is opened, which is also very pleasant, if you go through them in parallel, then you will definitely not be bored. Interactive academy assignments are a must have for any novice front-end developer or layout designer. In general, if you describe this course in one word, it is quality . In everything: material, presentation, mentoring.


09-28-2020 07:36:05 am