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About Course

The business is growing with effort, knowledge and technology. It is the way from the peoples and also from the students to part time, full time jobs and also put effort to earn more money and to enhance their skills in this plat farm. The people start this business of e-commerce with no any investment. They relax and easily started that. The virtual assistant course is started to share knowledge with peoples how to start the business and how we develop over business in large plat farm. Digitechcourses offer the virtual assistant program in Lahore Pakistan. This course is launched for the freelancers and the peoples who works from home.

What’s Amazon Virtual assistant?
The amazon virtual assistant means to hire the peoples to work and to manage the accounts. These are the works for part time, full time and managing store experience peoples .This courses requires the buying, selling, content writing and managing the account. No any investment process is occurred on this but the skills are important to managing the accounts.The virtual assistant course in Lahore which help the peoples to hand on practice.

Why this course?
In this course we learn all about the selling and managing the accounts .It is a good plat farm for the freelancers to earn money with proper time and if they do hard work and get more earning.when you enroll in this course then after the process of assignments and lectures show and u know how many hours you online. It’s a free plat farm and very easy working in the amazon virtual assistant. IN the training includes the knowledge about the seller management system, clicking product and creating a profiles .its gives all the basic understanding of this course how its work and how its manage.

Description of VA’s:
Digitechcourse is one of the similar course in Lahore. Its total learning is online. The virtual assistant course conduct on this website. The students who are studying and do not invest for those this plat farm is very suitable for those. It’sa advance business enhancing or growing course in business environment. To work honest and hardworking on this field is a good business for a career dreamer’speople. Digitechcourse introduce this course in Lahore, Pakistan.
In this course you will study following :

1. Amazon Introduction
2. Creating new product listing

1. Product Research:
To search the product and add their 5+videos and also have the similar product to buy on it.This is one way to progress in this.

2. Sourcing your product:
To find the product and then check to sell this product in store or not and then reselling.

3. Listing your product:
In the row of product you have a good quality product and honest one .You just write the simplest thanks to listing and also use the siplest keyword for that product.

4. Launching your product:

To effort to bring in a new product in store.

• Product Error Fixing
• Order management
• How to approach amazon support
• Managing FBA shipments
• Creating FBA shipments
• Checking account health’s
• Checking Payments
• Customer service