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Graphics Designing Course in Lahore of Theoretical and Practical Training

Graphics Designing Course in Lahore teaches you how to design logos and transfer objects into symbols. In the process of learning, you will delve into the theory of color, learn how to combine them correctly, work with texts, typography and composition, deal with logo and corporate identity tasks, learn about font posters, labels, etc. During the course, you will also acquire an invaluable skill - the ability to distinguish features in design and create layouts that will arouse interest in the buyer or stimulate him to purchase. In each lesson, you will practice with transitions, fonts, icons, animations, so that you end up with a beautiful landing page, brand book, and other design products.

An online course in the now very popular specialty "Graphic design and advertising " is a serious education, a high level of theoretical and practical training and the opportunity to make good money from any corner of the globe. This practical course is designed for those who want to get a quality education in a short time, but do not have enough time to fully master the program. Thanks to training in our School, you will become a sought-after specialist in 7 months or significantly increase the level of your professional qualifications The course is taught by practitioners with many years of experience and a rich portfolio, including a professional artist whose work is in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.Our training takes place from scratch!

About the profession of Graphic Designer:

If you are creative, constantly inventing something new, want to create and work in the field of advertising - this profession is exactly what you need! Graphic designers create a real story, in no small measure determining the prominence of the company in the service market.The acquired knowledge and skills will open doors for you to advertising agencies, publishing houses and editorial offices (media, books, magazines), printing houses, Internet sites (web designers, layout designers) and any companies that are interested in their own promotion.

Training requirements:

1A stationary computer or laptop (tablet) based on IOS or Android is required. RAM must be at least 8 GB and installed Adobe Flash Player and Google Chrome browser to view broadcasts. Headphones are required if the sound from the device is quiet. The Internet connection must be stable, at a speed of at least 5 Mbps to send and transfer data. Installed WhatsApp messenger on the phone to communicate with the teacher.

2All third-party applications on the computer must be completely closed during the broadcast. Before the start of training, for each student, a test lesson will be organized, where all the technical functionality of the broadcast will be analyzed in detail and clearly shown.

3Special computer programs (Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Mind Maple Lite - a program for Web Design)

4Books that the teacher will tell you about (they can be downloaded or, if desired, purchased)

5Your desire to study Graphic Design. Perhaps the main point.

6. As a graphic designer, you will learn how to professionally work with brand identity from scratch to presentation, create logos, illustrations and layouts for advertising.

7If you are already working in advertising or are a beginner expert without a team of professionals, then the courses will help you improve your qualifications, get a diploma, expand your skills and work on design on your own.


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