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Develop Skills Graphics Designing Course in Lahore

The main objective of this  graphics designing course in lahore
is to bring the student to develop skills in order to create and manufacture a communicating image by applying the notions of basic design in graphic design, to research and analyze information.

The framework of this course, the student will learn to organize the space in an efficient and aesthetic way. He will have the opportunity to acquire notions of composition through the use of abstract geometric shapes while conveying themes such as movement, dynamism, stability, etc.

The student will develop his personal tools to solve simple visual problems. They will learn to search for documentation according to certain constraints related to the target clientele, while respecting the rules of professional ethics.
The concepts seen in the context of graphic design

1.    The development of critical judgment and good analytical skills;
2.    The search for simple and creative graphic solutions;
3.    Stylization, simplification and refinement of form;
4.    Linking simple visual elements to create a communicating image; creativity techniques;
5.    The search for efficient working methods, the rules of composition;
6.    Visual vocabulary, measurement systems in graphics;
7.    The search for multiple solutions, the respect of the constraints and the precision of the rendering.

Collective and individual work

In the classroom and at home, the student's tasks are diverse. The student will carry out consecutive and progressive composition exercises using simple black and white shapes. It will produce multiple sketches using different dynamic graphics. The activities will be done using the traditional tools of the graphic designer.

Individual and collective work allows students to use their sense of observation and reflection in order to nurture their creativity.

Knowledge the typography
This course aims to acquire the knowledge necessary for typography: to learn its history, its development, its code and its use. Study the main families of characters, the classifications. Become aware of the role of the typographic letter in graphics.
The student will learn how to optimize the readability of typography through the right choice of typefaces, point sizes, styles and the development of typographic concepts. This course teaches the origin and anatomy of the letter, the classification of characters The main topics covered are:

1. Analysis and choice of fonts;
2. The organization of texts and typographical composition favoring the hierarchy of elements in simple layouts;
3. The rules of typographical grammar;
4. The exploration and experimentation of typographic forms.
In class, the student works alone and in a team. From audiovisual documents and presentations supported by multimedia projections, the student acquires knowledge relating to typography.

Infographic production
Realization of a simple computer illustration
The aim of this course is to produce simple virtual illustrations. This course allows the learning of drawing and image processing software. The following subjects are discussed: graphic design linked to production constraints; working methods and techniques appropriate to the media.

The learnings of this course allow students to design and produce illustrations according to the type of broadcast. The student is called upon to create illustrations from conceptual data. He researches and explores different graphic styles and demonstrates his sense of creativity and aesthetics in his compositions. It uses vector and matrix type software.

Simple computer image processing (Photoshop)
This first introductory course in image processing aims to introduce the student to a creative and technical approach to the digital image, using image processing software.

It allows the student to organize and compose sketches using the computer to use software as research and sketching tools. This course allows you to plan the work through a practical and methodical production process, prepare and modify the starting images from color charts, photos, drawings, symbols and illustrations

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