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Basic Role Front-End Developer Web Designing Course in Lahore

The objective of the Web Designing Course In Lahore is to teach you the skills of the front-end developer. Let's go back in detail to his role and his skills: While the Back-End developer takes care of the functional and invisible part of the site and/or application, the Front-End developer sets up everything that will be visible to users. In addition to understanding the graphic part of the specifications, he must make the website aesthetic, in line with the client's activity, ergonomic, and accessible to all Internet users.

The interface Web Designing Course In Lahore created must therefore be clear, attractive, fast, and easy to use, knowing that a website must meet accessibility standards, W3C standards, and that they must be compatible with all browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Edge. It must also adapt to different resolutions (tablets, smartphones, desktop, etc.) This interface must be optimally usable on mobiles. (Mobile first) The Front-End developer course therefore first takes care of designing the graphic models in line with the visual identity and the client's activity (This part is nevertheless often entrusted to the Webdesigner). Once the models have been argued and validated, he is in charge of the integration part via HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS while respecting all the above-mentioned requirements. His competences. The front-end developer course has two types of skills: The first are related to his graphic/communication and coding skills: Creation of a graphic model of website and enhancement of services/products of customers then Web integration and coding using the HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS. He must show empathy and therefore know how to put himself in the shoes of users, in particular Internet users who are not necessarily digital enthusiasts, he must provide the user with an intuitive experience and interface. He must code while respecting the inter-compatibility of browsers, In this course, we provide for the use of multiple screen resolutions as well as the display on the various devices: computers, smart-phones, tablets (Responsive Design)

Development Skills Web Designing
The course on a front-end developer must acquire are development skills using JavaScript language. Indeed it will be brought to work with libraries and JavaScript frameworks such as react, vue.js, or node.js.
The skills acquired through this training

1.    Choose a technical solution adapted to your client and work in Agile mode;
2.    Create websites with HTML and CSS;
3.    Create dynamic web applications with Javascript and React;
4.    Communicate with the back-end of the application through an API;
5.    Implement unit and integration tests and debug the code;
6.    Solve technical problems with a programming language and algorithms;
7.    Refactor code to make it more modern and optimize

Web designer graphic designer Interface
The Web Designing Course digital communication tools adapted to different publication media, taking into account standards, referencing, accessibility, and ergonomics.

It can design and integrate the visual part of the application, the layout of the user interface screens, and the navigation of the web or mobile application.

In this course, we develop the Front-End part of a web or mobile application in collaboration with the developers

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